About Us

Global Quest is a dynamic educational and training consultancy with an international focus.  With offices in the UK, Ireland and India, we offer a range of services including Asia-based educational consultancy; and international corporate and community sector-accredited training programmes to learners who aspire to broaden their horizons.

Education training, services and consultancy

Education training, services and consultancy

With a head office in Northern Ireland, we’re an active corporate member of the Ireland-India Council.  Our ethos is based on the premise that education is an international force for good, it can empower the young and enrich the lives of the young at heart in so many ways. As a growing young company, we’re committed to the principle of continuous professional development.  If you think that there’s a way for us to work together, or that you may be able to add value to our team, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

“It is through others that we become ourselves.” Lev Vygotsky